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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Using the Tarot of Dreams, again and again, today I drew the 2 of Wands, and added another the to left of it, the Magician, and another to the right, the Queen of Swords. When I was shuffling the deck, the 2 of Wands fell out, and I replaced it back in the deck, it then appeared as the first card I drew, showing it wants me to see it and it has a message for me. This is a picture of steps floating in midair, lit with 2 towering torches, showing you the steps lead to 2 open doors. Sort of the version of, which door do you choose, behind door #1 is.....or door #2. And you cannot see what lies behind the door. The Magician is on the right of the center card, the door next to the Magician is a hazy pink, and that same color flows through the symbols floating in front of the wise Master, he has learned how to use his talents and manifest everything his heart desires.He is a great Teacher, sort of a Muse. Ha, 'a muse', maybe that is his voice, saying, let life amuse you and laugh at the 'comedy/tragedy' path this trip to planet earth is filled with. The beautiful Queen of Swords stands, a blue haze surrounds her, as a blue haze is in the door on her side of the center card. She is wearing huge pristine white Angel wings, and her gown is royal blue, bedecked with gold trims and shimmery white pearls. She holds a huge sword, and is the 'sharp' Queen of the deck. She is brilliant, intelligent, has walked through pain, has suffered great loss, has sought out answers in the higher realms to the why and what just happened, in her life. I look at the Sword element as, s-word-s, the power of words, for the Pen is mightier than the Sword. And words can inflict more pain than an actual dagger. Let me show you my scars. So, this layout of cards would be saying that 2 doors stand before me today, either one is a good choice, do I want to hang out with the Magician and create a work of art today, or hang out with the Queen and write . I think I can do both. Maye both doors are just different entrances to the same room.....and both guides are there, waiting on me to show up and get to work. Too, writing it down can give you the focus to make it happen. She looks like a chic that has already been where I am and is telling me to stop thinking things to death, and get on the path and choose a door. Action is reqired today. I shall see what doors appear in my life today and write about it later. She is like the Xena of the Tarot, forceful and more than a little pushy. Maybe she is what I need today to get me going..........we shall see.

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