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Friday, January 13, 2006

I have an excellent new book by Corrine Kenner, 'Tarot Journaling'. Love it, and am using it to see all sorts of new things through the cards. Today I am using the vibrant Gilded Tarot, and page 62 of this wonderful book, I am drawing just one card and going into the landscape of that card, drawing everything I can from just this one card. Here goes...it is the 10 of Pentacles. I step onto the lush green grass (He makes me lie down in green pastures, 23rd Psalm, comes to mind) I see a beautiful handcrafted cedar chest, filled with money. A treasure chest,left sitting out in this vast valley of towering trees, tender new grasses, the only sounds are the whispering of the soft winds. There sits a happy mouse, he seems to be dazzled by the sun relfecting prisms of light off of the gold in the coins heaped and overflowing, before him. A baby turtle crawls on by, unimpressed with the bounty, as he carries his home with him, and seems to need little to make his life happy.The area is peaceful.No people have found the riches and are fighting over who gets what and who found it first. Ususally this card is about family, traditions, things you give to those you love. Ironic for me today to draw this card, maybe it is a reminder that what I seek is out there, just not in the place I am seeking. It also would say that someone left the items there, as they do not need them any more, and happy day to whoever finds them, just pass it on. If these Pentacles represented other things of worth than 'money', what would they be? 10 things I can give my children.....let me see. 1.The beautiful Quilts I make to keep them warm, 2.The stacks of photo's I love to take and place in artsy scrapbooks as memory markers in time, 3.My passion for reading and constantly learning, knowledge is power. 4. My wonderful diet tips, such as 'it looks better in the trash than on my a--.' what I think of the 'clean your plate' guilt trip. 5. If you lose all your stuff (our house burned and we did lose all our stuff) you just get better stuff. Keep laughing, even when sleeping on a friends livingroom floor. Be grateful for everything. 6. Love is precious, when you have it, dance in it, when it goes, bless it. 7. Follow your heart, even when everyone thinks your nuts. Just agree, and keep on going. It knows, it leads you home. 8. The ability to always have the last word. Loudly and Proudly. We have it as a family tradition. 9. Scrabble. That is serious. I have every version of the game and play online with my daughter Jona, daily. I will drive miles to find a dictionary that has a word in it I have used and is being debated. Money is no object.We will fight to the death to win that game.And the scores ARE posted and kept (winning ones, of course). 10. Mary Kay cosmetics, fresh ground coffee and chocolate. Keep your priorties straight.
Well. The little mouse on the cards represents 'details'. And sometimes it is the tiny, small gifts we give each other that are the best. I feel better now.........

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