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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This sunny afternoon I am playing with my new favorite Tarot book, 'Tarot Journaling' by Corrine Kenner and my new favorite deck by Ciro Marchetti, 'the Tarot of Dreams'. On page 144 are a host of questions to use to get into the character of the Tarot. I am using 4 questions from the list and drawing 4 cards at random to fill in the blanks with, and just writing for my own entertainment today. I am the '6 of Wands'. I was born to: Overcome every challenge that has been thrown my way. To discover how strong I really am, and let nothing stop me from achieving my personal goals. I have a light, and I refuse to hid it under a bushel. I will find my passion and live it, every day, every moment, with joy.
I am the 'King of Swords'. I was destined to: find answers to the questions not one wanted to ask. To study and study and not be afraid to speak, knowing my voice is my gift, and my writing is a source of strength use the power of words to heal and challenge and love with. A King is a Master, and the King of Swords is a master of words.What a gift. I am the 'Queen of Cups' (I really am, a Pisces with a Cancer ascendant). My biggest mistake was: Not going on to Designing School when I got out of high school. I wasn't sure I was good enough, and decided to get married and forget my dreams of being the next Vera Wang. I have had a career as a Seamstress, and right now, have a beautiful sewing room to create whatever I desire. I have plenty of time (when I am not reading cards!) to rekindle that dream. Some sheer burgandy & black fabric is draped over my seamstress body form, just waiting to be stitched into a revealing blouse by Vogue. Baby steps, time to recatch that dream. I am the' 7 of Cups'. I often fantasize about: ah....many things. Seven images on this card, 7 things to dream about. A life with a man, what would it be like to wake up next to the love of my life every morning....ah. And I want another dog. I miss my dog. A home, a real house, with a yard. And flowers that bloom in the spring. A big kitchen table with a laughing, loving family around it. Holidays with the grandchildren and the homemade food. And the happy memories. And this little red sassy car, convertible. I think what we fantasize about we can manifest. Here's hoping..................my phone is ringing, back to work I go.....

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