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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Windows open, the air is perfect, soft, warm, breezy....I am surrounded by silence, and the faint sound of the branches of the winter-bare trees, dancing together, playing in the sunlight right outside my window. I am using the Nigel Jackson Deck today, one of my very favorites. The artwork delicate and detailed. Soft watercolors, vintage costuming, symbols gallore, I am happy. The first card out of the group was the proud and regal Empress, followed by the golden Strength card, and last in place was the fiery King of Swords, ( in this deck he represents the fire element, some other decks use Swords as the Air Realm.) This Empress is begowned in verdant green. She sits in a lush green meadow, by a flowing stream of waters coming right from the top of the mountain, her home sits behind her, she has a heavy shield at her side to protect her and her young, she holds a huge staff of wheat, to grind and bake fresh, nourishing breads for those she loves. She holds a staff, but her staff is not a staff of 'power' but adorned with red and white roses, she rules with love. The Strength card is right behind her, on it she sits with a huge scary lion. Except, he is eating out of her tiny hand. Actually purring quite loudly, and the roses are now nestled around his furry neck, and they also decorate the fence posts, as if everything she touches, she touches with love. She is unafraid, as she knows love is the highest vibration in the Universe, and nothing can be stronger than the power of love. A King is watching her, he is sitting surrounded by bursts of fire, hot and fierce, he upholds a sharp sword, and holds a golden globe in his other hand, as if to say, 'look at me'......I use fire to push and burn and wave my sword to intimidate everyone. This is how it is done, you foolish woman. He looks pretty lonely sitting there in his kingdom of fire (hell?) that he has created. Power never wins. Power is an illusion. He still thinks he has it figured out, and is quite sure the lion will turn on her and have her for lunch any moment, and he can use his dagger and chop the loin up and have a huge banquet and invite all his friends and impress them with how powerful he is. Sadly not. Her gentleness has won the lions heart, and he king would be wise to watch her and see how she kneels in humility, and faces her fears with gentleness and vunerability. He really cannot figure her out, and never will. Some people never get it. She has, and will glady share it and teach what she has learned. Tenderpower.

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