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Friday, January 27, 2006

I love photography. I like unusal pictures that are sort of like the tarot, they let your mind wander about where the story is going, and your imagination adds the details to make a picture. I was out walking and happened to see this little girl, just gazing up this old flight of stairs, she was part of a tour group, had a paper with her name and phone number on it, and I was just charmed, she was just a darling and the image just caught me. I an using my Durer Deck tonight, and I drew 3 cards on why I was so enchanted by this scene. I drew the :I drew the Hanged Man, the Tower, and the Temperance Cards. All 3 are Major Arcana and quite important cards. The first thing I see is that huge bolt of lightning that snakes down out of the black stormy sky and hits the house, it looked solid and safe, but not, the couple are out in the storm and the house is on fire and falling apart right before their very eyes. The Hanged Man is just stuck there, not really where he wants to be, and cannot help himself or anyone esle, looks like he is yelling for help, but nothing but a chicken seems to be around, and that is not helping him.Then I see the gentle kind card of the Temperance card, this milk maid is pouring cream into a bowl, the white cow stands behind her and is almost friendly, she is just doing her work. I think putting this with the picture above, the story would go like this..... Once upon a time a castle was built there, strong and beautiful. A huge storm came upon this humble town and the house is gone now, not even one stone left. Just a path of old stairs going to the path to where the house stood. The man many have been hurt in the storm and the loss of the house( his pride), but the lady just took it in stride and knew it was only a rock house. If they survived together and could start over, they could make a home wherever they lived. Grand or humble. For me, the little girl is full of wonder and knows something huge has happened there, for nothing at all to be there, just wild greenery and trees. But the feeling is quiet and healing, and it makes you just want to sit on the steps and relax. And the steps are right there on the Tower card, minus the house. Also, the vibrant orange of the milk maids' gown stands out, orange stands for confidence and she is dressed very fine to be just milking a cow. I think she is the secret to the whole reading, no matter what you are doing or how much chaos is going on, just be kind, and make the best of the situtation, and make even humble work be inspiring. My thoughts tonight.........

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ladyswell said...

Linda, I was told that once a meaning is assigned to a card by the reader, it is maintained. I have noticed that you read from differentdecks. Does the artwork and images of different decks enhance or alter the meaning associated with a given card? Also when you lay out your three card spread do you go left to right?

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