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Monday, January 16, 2006

Just got this in the mail, the Beautiful 'Tarot of Dreams' by Ciro Marchetti. What a masterpiece. This is my new favorite deck of cards. The set comes with a CD that has the cards animated, and a lengthy description of each card and where it resides on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Utterly fasinating. So, for today, the one card I drew is: 5 of Pentacles. I see a woman in a cold, freezing blizzard, she is holding her baby, wrapped in rags, she is wrapped in old blankets, pieced together to make a covering against the cold. She has no gloves, and in her cold hand she holds out an empty cup, as if to say, 'please, just a few cents, or something hot to drink, I am alone and I have no money.' She is outside a church, it appears, and the stained glass window is aglow with green and gold lights shining through it. Her vision is not on the window, or a door that must somehow be near, but on a dark street with little hope. This card looks blurred, like you see it through tears. She is tired and feels old, her face is lined and haggard. Any #5 card is a difficult card, it is a hard energy, and with a Pentacle, it is money and anxiety, and loss. Or loss of any form of security. This card only shows her and the baby. What if there are other people there, only we cannot see them in this window of the Tarot? What if the door to the church or mission is right there within reach and she is getting ready with her cup and her baby, to walk in and get some hot soup and find a warm safe place for the night. I think she has come a long way and is almost to a place of help. The next card in the Tarot line up would be the 6 of Pentacles, which would be either someone giving her everything she needs, or her, finding out she has all she would ever want, she just doesn't know it in this card, and she would be 'passing in on' in giving to others. She would show compassion and generosity, she would know how they feel as she has definitely been there. Down and thrown out. This card expresses such a sense of loss, and deep sadness.But, the good news is she is outside of a place of hope and worship. She has made it to a place to pray, and eat and sleep. She is saying 'thank you' for everything that is offered, and has only humility. A few more steps and she is warm and full. Keep on going, never give up, never, and believe that what you need is right within your reach. For it is.

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