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Sunday, January 08, 2006

This week I have had several of my clients from Keen ask how I lay my cards out and how I get the answers from what I lay out. So, I will be happy to share what is my favorite way to use the Tarot and easily and quite quickly get the answers, 'enquiring minds want to know'. I like you to ask the question as specific as you can, and then I choose 3 cards. The center card is the key card, so giving you an example, I could pose the question: 'Should I buy a house or just stay where I am for now?' I am using the Lovers Path Tarot, and I drew...the Ace of Swords is the center card, that is the first one I see, it is a yes, I see lightning forking across the sky, shooting toward the card on the left, it is the 4 of Cups. This chic is just sitting there looking at her choices, and not really finding what she wants yet. She has several nice options, but she is waiting for the right one to come along. She looks back into the past and is seeing something she wants, it may not be available right now, or she has the idea and has not found it yet, so this would be saying, wait. The card on the right of the center is the Queen of Staves, she has found what she wants, and she has taken action to get it. She is very pleased with herself, and sees a profit in the future from her investment. In timing, this would say I will, but now is not the time, be exact in what I want and let the house come to me. In both cards she is sitting, she is looking, but from a relaxed vantage point, so she knows that trying too hard hasn't worked, again, it is out there, but I do not see her knowing where it is today, and this Ace with wings in the higher realms looks like it is not even built yet, is on paper somewhere in the planning stages and the idea is there, but the waiting is the best course of action. She is confident that when the time is right, it will be there. I also see round river stones in the background, large ones like you would have on a fireplace you have in a log cabin home. This also looks out over the water, so she sees the hills and the water. Big old trees are there too, and a rocking chair on the huge front porch. So, I will have the home I imagine, but not today. If you lay out the 3 cards and have a confusing card show up, just lay out another below it as a clarifying card. I laid out another on the Queen of Staves, and I get the King of Arrows. So, she will not be living there alone, and he is holding the Ace of Arrows from the center card. So, he would be the man holding the plans, and he is already planning this house.Looks like the builder and the interior designer may have a common intrest here. Maybe that is why the waiting is in the 4 of Cups card, very interesting. You get the idea? As I read for you, I just keep laying out another card on a card in question, and the story unfolds quite nicely, revealing facts layer, by layer. Any more questions for me? Bring them on......

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