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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Durer Deck, I am using tonight to do my reading with. I ask, what do the cards want to tell me tonight? I drew the 4 of Cups, the 9 of Pentacles, and the Lovers. The first thing I see is the birds on the cards, on the first card is a baby dove just coming out of its fragile broken shell. The 2nd card had a full grown golden eagle, being tamed by the gentle hands of this classy lady, she has her eyes closed and seems completely relaxed as she is moving her hands over the wild bird. Then we see lovers playing in the wild, the male, he plays music to enchant his lady, she, wrapped only in a swath of green fabric reaches out to touch him, drawing him to her, as a pair of white love birds nestle behind the woman. I would see this as a progression of a relationship that begins as a fragile, unexpected blessing. He would appear somewhat a wild card, but she gentles his flighty spirit with her tender touch. Ah, I love a good love story.......

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