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Monday, January 30, 2006

Busy weekend, working, didn't find time to write, until now, and it is early Tuesday morning. And I cannot sleep. So, I ask my Goddess Tarot, the very female deck, that I love, 'why am I so restless?' The cards say....ah, the 2 of Swords fell out right in front of me, then I drew at random the Princess of Staves, the Justice Card, and the Queen of Pentacles. These 2 females , the Princess and the Queen would represent to me, my two daughters. The 2 of swords, is saying I cannot do anything about a situtation that to me, feels very unfair. The Justice card is the strongest card showing, and it reminds me that there is a higher Justice and it will see that the outcome will even out. I am the lady in the 2 of swords card, crossing my heart and praying that, even though I cannot see anything, literally blindfolded and in time out, Justice is right above me and is working on this situtation. I can just rest and not jump in and try to help, just wait, and most of the time that is the hardest thing to do. Both of the pillars in the Justice card would remind me that both of my daughters are strong and will handle this little tempest 'strongly'. That could be good, or bad. But, however it is, I am to step aside and wait. Playing with the Tarot brings me peace. Even when the cards do not show the things I want, they show why and give me insight about the inner workings of whatever I ask about. So, I may not know exactly how it will play out, but I can rest and wait that it will be ok, and maybe even better than what I see. And I trust that.

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