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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sorry about sneezing through all my readings tonight on Keen. I am taking a break to write in my journal, and get back online. Bear with me... I am using the (sneeze again....) Tarot Journal book again and at random picked out 3 statements to use with the Delicate, Durer Tarot Deck. I love these prompts, as they let you get into the person or scenery of the card and you can pull out all kinds of cool things you never seen before. #1. I am the '5 of Swords' card, you would never guess it by looking at me, but : I have gone through some tough stuff this week, and am still standing. The white flag of surrender, I am barely able to hold it up, but I give in. The only good thing I see in this card is the fact everyone else has shut up and it is now quiet and peaceful. But it was after the crying.
#2. I know someone who reminds me of the : Kinght of Pentacles. I think that is me. Hiding behind work, being busy. Always a project half finished, and another started. At the end of the road, and doesn't have a clue where to go next. Just standing there waiting for a sign. Even the Golden Eagle in the card is waiting for a sign. And where is the sign? Maybe they are taking a break between unfinished projects. The horses tail is in a knot, "he knows not what to do next." So, waiting would be a good thing. Just don't grow roots there. Finish something and get moving again.
#3. I am the "Emperor", my most prized possession is: my children's baby pictures. We had a fire and lost everything several years ago, now whenever I take pictures, of my 3 adult kids and my 2 little grandsons, I copy them to disk and make sure someone in the family has copys. I am doing scrapbooks, another unfinished project !!!! and I am going through all the pictures I have borrowed from family members to copy and make another stash of family pictures. The Emperor wants to control his surroundings, maybe this is a way for me to be artistic and recapture the pictures I lost, and get back in touch with how very happy I was when my babys were babys. I loved being a mother, and a wife. Well, how time has changed. Seem like my role now is the Artistic Gypsy. The Emperor in me would want to build a house and stay there forever, and have my kids over every Sunday evening for dinner and be up on everything going on in their lives. Maybe someday. For today, I know they are ok, out testing their little wings. Getting banged up a little, but that is how you learn to fly. I know they will figure it out.....hopefully.
Taking Nyquill and getting back online, thanks for everyone that has patience to put up with me tonight. You must really love me....

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