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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another new Tarot Deck to add to my collection, the new Harmonious Tarot by Walter Crane and Ernest Fitzpatrick. Utterly beautiful. Dainty, very detailed, soft healing colors, plenty of symbology to really tell the story. I love the size, they are easy to work with, and the colors are so soothing. I think some artists go overboard on the dark side of the Tarot, they like the shock appeal, and I believe that being a 'sensitive' reader, sometimes the dark and 'too much information' on some decks can make you want to put the cards away and go right back to bed. I am using this deck to read with tonight, and my question is : How will my evening go tomorrow night, I am meeting a man named Michael for coffee and converstion. 18-the Moon, 10-the Wheel of fortune, and 10-the 10 of Cups. Total of numbers together 38 added together =11 added together=2. In my 'Numerology and the Divine Triangle' book, this is very, very good! It represtents the Queen of Cups energy, which is me, I am a Pisces with Cancer rising, a real mermaid here. It says this vibration carries the gift of vision, being poetic and imaginative we would see things that are hidden from most other people. And the original cards, the Moon would say that going into the beginning of the evening, it feels mysticial, other worldly, a strong past life connection. The Wheel, how sweet, things move right along, we share many interests, and have fun, not a boring moment, and the last card, the 10 of Cups, feels like we both have a great time, and make plans to see each other again. Want to hear more? He is a Professional Musician, we both share a strong love of music, and I write, would love to write lyrics, he can put my words to music.We are both artists of a sort, creative and definately two of a kind. Well, I shall keep you posted on how the evening goes. Also, I would like to tell everyone that wants to see any of the Tarot cards in living color, check out this link http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/ you will love this...

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