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Monday, February 13, 2006

Had a great weekend, heard a really good band, the Domino Kings, Saturday night, watched it snow like crazy while I drank hot Baileys and Coffee. Staying in all day Sunday and did readings online for all my inquisitive friends. Just drawing cards at ramdom today, from the Durer Deck, I drew the Moon, Death, and the Ace of Pentacles. At first glance, was tempted to reshuffle. But no, think I will just see what message floats up...feels like the full moon yesterday may be bringing in some 'cleaning house" energy. Time to stop things that are not working for me and start new projects. The girl in the moon card looks sad, like she really doesn't want to give up on something or someone, but Death comes sweeping by and is dragging that glass 'sands of time' thing around with him. Yet right next to the grim reaper is the new Ace of Pentacles. Bright shiny and new, and passion renewed, a gift, something real, and of solid substance. Time to clean out the closets, and and the friend list, and whatever isn't working for me, just pass it on to someone that it just may work for. Many people freak when the Death card comes up, but it really isn't predicting dire news, just look at the cards next to it and see what it is saying. It ususally means letting go, stopping something, time to move on, losing weight, moving, quitting something, the 'I'm outta here', card. The full moon was in Leo, and that is such fun to work with, not. We shall see.

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