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Friday, February 10, 2006

I love using different decks. Each Tarot Deck is infused with the ideas of the artist that created it, and all the varied backgrounds, types of people, symbols, colors; paint a visual canvas to me to work with. I am using the Golden Tarot of Klimt this morning, quite a challenge to read with,but beautiful with gold shimmering on each card. As a Seamstress, I am like these because they almost resemble quilts, the artwork is patchs of colors in strange combinations that would ask you to stop and think before you voice what you see. Sort of takes a moment to surface, the message of these cards. When I ask, what do I need to know about today...I drew the 3 of Pentacles, the Stars, and the Hermit. How funny. There is a musician playing a golden harp, 3 very different golden orbs float above her, music flows from her gift, the Stars has 2 women embracing with joy and this 'all is perfct in the world' feeling, followed by the Hermit, walking away alone, following his path of solitude, to just think about what has happened this day. I am meeting two girlfriends from high school for lunch today. We have not seen each other for 5 or 6 years. One has just moved back to this area, and the other has moved to a new home and been busy with her life. In some ways getting together brings some anxiety, like, what have you done with your life and are you happy. I have been the Hermit, and devoted myself to study and medidation, and the Tarot. We are all very different and yet want the same thing, to be happy and loved. So, I think the cards say we will have a great time and meet again soon. Strange how some people drift back and forth through your life, you may not see each other for years, and then you are having coffee and it feels like time has stood still. Great cards for my day.

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