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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This post is a follow-up with yesterdays post. I had drawn the Moon card, on the Full moon, and Death, and the Ace of Pentacles. I had, had a strange feeling about the trio when I first seen them and almost reshuffled the deck and chose again. But, more often than not, the same cards will reappear, or other cards that have a similar meaning will show up. It seems to repeat itself, the Tarot, until you get the message. I had a dear friend,Bob, call me last week and ask for a reading around his sister, she was in the hospital and just found out she had lung and liver cancer. A heavy smoker, I hate cigarettes. He wanted to know what the cards said about her recovery. I cannot remember each card I drew that night, but it wasn't good. I kept picking up something would be significant in one week, hoping it meant they would find a treatment to stop the disease. Each time I reshuffled and ask the question a different way, I got a swift, painful ending. I told him to just be with her as much as he could, her body was really sick. I opened my email to recieve the news, she died this morning. I cannot say I seen it happening this fast, I did see her being better in a week, thinking a treatment had been found. She is better, she is out of pain and bathed in the Light of God's Love. I met her last year at Christmas, even made her a beautiful Christmas hostess apron, as a gift. She loved it. The cards can have messages on different levels. I think the reading I did yesterday was for me, and for Bev. For her they would have been saying, in one night, death comes, bringing her a new home, a new body, a new beginning. In the cycle of life, on the heels of the end is a new beginning. I will send her flowers today, she was a sweetheart, and on Valentines Day, what an exit. She was one classy lady.

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