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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It is snowing big fluffy snowflakes here today. A nice day to be inside writing. I have a method of journaling that has really helped me get into the card I am working with. It is called 'Alphabet Poem'. You draw a card or choose on you are drawn to and list the alphabet, going with whatever you feel and see in that card. I am using the Durer Tarot Deck, on of my favorites, I love the detailed artwork & the easy colors.Ahh, I drew the Hermit. So, I will give you an example of how this works, and you can do it to get to know your cards better.....
A.Alone he sits, thinking about why he is alone. B. Believing that his wisdom is a gift he recieved from choosing this path of being alone. C.Can answer questions no one else has answers for. D. Divine companionship from the animals here. E. Enough thinking, time to take a nap. F. Friends don't understand why he enjoys his solitude. G.God comes to him through small quiet whispers. H. Hidden under his heavy woolen robe, is a lonely heart. I. Ignorance is not acceptable. J. Joy comes from unexpected gifts, that life brings right to his front door. K. Keep praying, you are not really alone. L. Lost in the sixties, cannot get past memories of the good old days. M. Medidation takes him through time and space, what a trip. N. Noise from the outside world jars his gentle soul. O. Oracles come from the signs in nature all around him. P. Page by page he records his thoughts. Q. Questioning everything, he is quite a rebel. R. Real wisdom cannot be taught, it is earned. S. Staying in one place keeps him grounded, confident. T. Trying for figure out why everyone wants what they do not have. U. Understanding the language of the animals, his friends. V.Very happy, with little. W. Waiting, not a problem, he considers it surrender. X. X-ray vision he has through the darkness. Y. Yesterday was his holy teacher. Z. Zen is his path. A joyful one of peace..........As you try this, you will find all kinds of details popping out and you will get to know the card 26 new ways. On a personal level, this card reminds me of John the Baptist. A man in a cave, on a mission, but one most people don't get. I am glad it is just one of the 22 Major Arcana, so when you are walking in the Hermit' shoes, it is just for today. Tomorrow brings a whole new adventure. Sometimes a day in solitude is healing and just what you need. So, don't fight it, just go back to bed.

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