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Saturday, February 04, 2006

This week, I'd like you to try it. Simply go through your deck, face
up, and choose a card (or two, or three) to illustrate recent events
in your life. Once you've chosen your card(s), describe their
significance in your tarot journal.

I had kind of a dramatic week, so I've already posted my three cards
over on my blog at http://www.corrinekenner.com/blog.htm .

I love her work, and so respect Corrine Kenner, that I copied this from one of her journaling posts. I am using this method today, going throught the cards and choosing 3, face up, to describe how this week has been in my little world. The deck that I am using is the new 'Golden Tarot of Klimt' by Gustav Klimt. Very artsy, edgy, gilded with shimmery gold, alot of nudity (hey, I get bored here all by myself) and the art in his card tend to bring out different ideas, energy,& answers, than some of the other decks I use. The 3 cards I chose were: 10 of Cups, the Hierophant, and the 2 of Cups. Last night would be the 10 of Cups, I was ask to be the entertainment for the Ozark Dressage Society. What a hoot. I have read for this party of wonderful women for the last 4 years, at their once a year, all you can eat, open bar, talking over each other louder and louder, screeching with laughter, slumber party. And, this year, thank you Jesus, was a fountain of melted dark sweet chocolate with all sorts of fruit and candy to dunk in the wonderful stuff. I was in heaven. And they love me, they are such a cool group to read for,so, this 10 of Cups with all the happy girls piled together with wine glasses all around the border of the card, look pretty much like last night. Fun. Next card, the Hierophant. He stands with his arms crossed,looks like he has a surprise gift hidden in the pocket on his golden coat of may colors. He has his hand on his chest, like seeing me brings him happiness and he (usually appears so stern) looks gentle and approachable. Real, he looks like a friend. I discovered this book last week, (another for the massive collection) named, 'Surprise Me', by Terry Esau. A book on Prayer, a 30 day Prayer experiment on not asking God for anything, no begging, bribing, whiney prayer, just 3 words you pray for 30 days, 'surprise me, God'. I am doing it. I catch myself in traffic (that is where I do my best praying, don't ask) starting to remind God of several things he may have overlooked this week, and I suddenly stop. I shut up. Now, that's amazing. And all sorts of cool things are happening, just small gifts, but hey, I think I'm getting it. The 3rd card is the 2 of Cups. The stage is set in this card with a man and a woman together, sort of. She is sitting on a bench with a golden patchwork quilt covering it, her jade green gown has fallen to her knees, and she is almost naked (well, that didn't happen, but I have this vivid imagination) and her body language is that her arms are crossed over her heart, and her face is turned away, she is leaning away from him. He is standing behind her, his strong arms holding onto her tightly, and his face is one of 'I wish things were not this way, but they are'. He is only there for a moment, and gone. He is careful to not look into her sad eyes, he has to go. This card is tenderness wrapped in sadness. Most of the other decks would depict this 2 of Cups card as love, marriage, vows of forever. This card is saying no. A small crumb of time is all there is, and that is going, going, gone. I believe her nakedness is emotional, and one-sided. She had once opened her heart to him, but now it is hidden far, far away. Well, too bad. At least I had all the chocolate I could eat last night. Love these cards.......

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