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Sunday, February 05, 2006

One thing you can do with the Tarot is to take a photo and draw 3 cards to tell a story about the picture. This is my grandson David Noah. The goal here was to dress him in a vintage baby gown, place him in the center of the bed (which was covered in all white) and have him pose. Yeah, right. He was all over the bed, and off the bed, and this being the last picture on the roll of film, I ask my daughter to just grab him and hold him still, which she did. This turned out to be the best picture of the photo shoot/wrestling match. These are the 3 Tarot cards from the Gilded Tarot Deck, the Knight of Cups, the 10 of Cups and the Page of Cups, that my story will come from. Once upon a time, there was one little boy that lived in this happy home, (Avery, the older brother of David)he wanted to have a brother soooo bad, and prayed that God would give him a brother. Mom and Dad had waited a long time, 10 years, and no other babies. Seemed this artsy (he's a Cancer, talented, already entering Photo Contests at 12 years old) young man would be an only child. Then, one day mom thinks she has some strange flu, coffee makes her sick in the morning. The gifted grandmother (me) predicts a new baby. But is told no, could not be, but little Averys prayer is answered and in one week the news is out, a baby is coming. This happy home in the cards, is truly happy, for the arrival of tiny David was a gift that has brought much joy to that little home. The cards show a young man on either side of this home, like blessings on both sides, and all the cards being Cups, this is about emotional blessings. I love this picture, as she kisses his little head, it shows how much love & tenderness she holds him with. Sweet. If this photo were a Tarot card, I would say it is the Ace of Cups. Every child holds within it's tiny soul so much promise, and pure, untainted love. And they all lived happily ever after......

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