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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another way to read your cards, getting to know them, is to draw 3 cards from your very favorite deck, tonight mine is the Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. You have your 3 cards before you, and you journal on three different ways these chosen cards can be interpreted. The first catagory is 'the best, sort of a Pollyanna reading, the second is the worst, bad news scenerio, and the third is the Spiritual messge version. I started to ask a question to go with this little excersize, the just said, surprise me. I drew these 3 cards: Queen of Arrows, the Ace of Cups, and the Judgement Card.--Best news: I see a brilliantly smart woman, alone by her own choice and loving her lofty perch on the mountain top, rather smug. Love comes to her, he seeks her out, one starry night he finds her, hidden away and comes to her. She is happy, happy. There is a barrier to them being together, but not much of one, and he works hard to knowk down whatever flimsy walls that would seperate them,to be the lucky man in her world. And they lived happily ever after.--Second way to tell the story (worst news): Here is this lonely, mental, calculating woman. She knows she is smart, and has a bad attitude to go with it. She has someone she loves, but there is a wall that seperates them and she has gotten bitter and despaired that they will ever really be together. Her love for him, and he appears the only man brave enough to climb the high mountain she has hidden herself away on, is still there, but has turned into anger and bitterness. As he looks at her from the distance, he sees the woman he loves, but she always steps away and he can never quite reach her. He is still in the picture, however on the edge and ready to give up and let her remember him as one who dared, but never won her heart. ---And the Spiritual version would be...A lady comfortable with solitude and a life of prayer, waits on the Universe to bring her true love, to her. She believes she can accomplish more by staying put and letting Spirit bring him to her. He is her Holy Grail, as she is his. He is seeking her, and follows the signs on the path to her warm and cozy castle. As she gazes out the window, she see's a man approaching, he appears to be a common man (most women would overlook at first glance, yet hidden beneath the work clothes, is a heart of gold), he is carrying a rake to clear his path to get to her. She is confident that he is her love, and he lets nothing stop him to find her and be with her. They both have held a holy vision of what love would be like with the one Spirit would send them, and in one day, they are together.--So, as you play with different ways to view the cards, sometimes all 3 ways blend into the reading, or you may be drawn to one more than another. This is fun to draw each morning,writing it down and later see which version was the one your day was.

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