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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I wrote this about my father.

O, Ship Master
Your steps echo
into my depths
Your piercing blue eyes
cold, freezing cold
look away from me.
Is there a heart
beneath the tattered clothing
you wear?
I feel it not.

I swim beneath
your ship.
You recognize me not.
A Nymph of the Sea
I am foriegn to you.
I exist, to love.

Which lucky man
will net me?
Destiny will choose.

For you know not,
the Queen, I am.

A luminous Pearl
hidden beneath your feet.
You drift above, uncaring.
Casting your line away...
far away from my reaching grasp.

Your destination
is not mine.
Gazing on, you see me not.
Elusively, I plunge into the deep
my silent home.

Per chance, we pass again
I pray your eyes would see me,
The frozen place in your heart
would melt...

The Water Nymph,
at long last,
loved by the Sea Man.
All this life
I have waited...in vain.

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