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Sunday, February 19, 2006

While I was working on Keen last night,(NOT ON A DATE, NOT BITTER YOU SEE) I was looking through a stack of writing & journaling magazines that are taking over a corner in my tiny studio. I found all sorts of ideas to use with journaling with my cards. On this frosty morning, I am using the Mythic Tarot, which is the very first Tarot deck I ever held. It was a gift for my daughter, and I was warning her about how evil ( I have come a long way...) I had 'heard' those cards could be. Never say never. I now collect EVERY deck I can get ahold of and love them dearly. Nothing evil about the Tarot, it is the intention the reader uses that makes them a enlightening gift, or message of doom and gloom. The writing prompt was to write a story about 3 people, weave it together and let the characters tell their story. I drew three cards. The Ace of Wands, depicting a massive, hunky man holding a blazing torch in one hand and a globe of the world in the other. Over his shoulder lays the golden fleece of victory. Next we have the Hanged Man, this guy is having a hard time, he has lost all his clothes, except a loin cloth, that could be interesting.... and is tied to the top of a huge boulder, and his wrists are tied to something you cannot see, like a stake in the ground. His only companion in this card is a golden eagle, flying by, no doubt wondering how this man got in this mess. 7 of Cups has 2 women, one in a kneeling in prayer, and the other standing on the water (like a spiritual guide) pointing to 7 golden cups in the clouds above the chic in prayer. Looks like the answers are right above her, and she hasn't seen them yet, and needs her angelic friend to point them out to her. Seems her prayer has been answered in 7 different ways, and she must now choose which answer she wants. And the story begins.....Mr. King of the Hill has the world be the tail, he has written the book on 'how to be the best and have it all'. Along comes life's little humbling lessons, and he wakes up to find himself in the desert with nothing but his underware, all his adoring fans are gone, all the trappings of his wealth, gone, his power and pride, gone. Time to rethink who he really is and what is really important. One woman seems to love him in spite of the loss of precious stuff, and she actually prays for the arrogant jerk. The answer to the prayer is already there. What was of real value, was what the cups hold, love. 7 is a number of mystery, and this mystery is why he thought everything but love would bring him happiness. Not. She is what his hand seems to be reaching out to, and her back is turned to him, feeling like she never was anything he thought special. Just another chic. Funny, as I type, in the background is the stereo playing the song 'I'm holding on to love to save my life', by Shania. How ironic. And I don't even like Shania, I'm just jealous of her, really, really am. Back to the story....Looks like the ending to the movie Tombstone, when hunky Kurt Russell (Wyatt) has lost everything, and goes searching for the one woman he never forgot, Josie and finds her. Ah, lucky girl, I wish they would have followed them the rest of that night, now that would have really been a movie to keep.......

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