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Friday, February 17, 2006

I have not written much this week, been too busy. I have company tonight, my cousin Diana, she is like a sister to me, we tend to get into trouble=have too much fun, when we are together. I wanted to journal tonight, and ask the Tarot, and am using the Durer Tarot, to just tell me what I need to know....I know I seem to be vague, but I am just in this strange place tonight, and would rather not ask a question, just see what cards pop up. The Ace of Cups, the 7 of Swords, and the Empress. Joy, sweet happiness comes racing toward this Queen Mother. She is sitting with a monkey on her back, I see that, as she has her own demons to wrestle with. The fox is being chased by a host of men, encouraging him to keep on going in the direction of his heart, and not to stop running, but to her, not away from her. She sees this someone that has been running in circles is finally running home to stay. The Ace of Cups is one of my favorite cards, as it means tender love, emotions, release of fear, and this white dove of peace bringing an answer to prayers. A sweet group of cards, looks like this waiting woman can see this 'fox' running into her arms and happily staying. A hopeful romantic I am......

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